Artwork by: Rachel Valdés Camejo - Pyramid

We leverage the universal language of art and design, mix creativity with science and technology, bring people together, and make environmental education interesting, compelling, and impactful. 

Our programs include: international cultural exchanges, workshops, juried art and design competitions, exhibitions, public events, art residencies, publications, and powerful social media campaigns.

Through the EcoArt Database, we are building the largest global network of artists and designers whose work carries messages related to our planet’s safeguard. At the same time we are documenting the green-art movement. 

EcoArt Project provides a platform for fundraising, production, and promotion.


Looking for inspiring content or exposure for your work? 

The revamped EcoArt Database is ready to showcase your art and design projects to the world. 


We sift through the internet for the coolest stuff out there. 

The EcoArt Observatory is our aggregator of share-worthy digital content.


Browse our current art and design open calls and competitions hub.

We create opportunities for artists and designers through awards, exhibitions, residencies, and more.