EcoArt Project: conceived and directed
by Pino Fortunato

EcoArt Project began in Italy in 2009 as an international cultural platform focused on drawing attention to the environment through the creative energy of artists. 

Born to develop both on and off-line projects, the initial EcoArt Project format consisted of a juried competition, exhibition of selected works, catalogue publication, and an awards event. 

With over 600 participating artists, the first "EcoArt Contemporary Contest" started with a broad call for artists whose work had a message of climate change, deforestation, pollution, sustainable development, clean energy production, and/or recycling. The second competition, "Pure Water Vision" requested artists to express their creativity by creating works representing the relationship between water, man, and the environment. Again, the response was incredible with over 600 participants. The EcoArt Prize of €10,000 was awarded to Dacia Manto.

Submissions from each of the two competitions resulted in the publication of EcoArt Book, a catalogue of contemporary art literature printed responsibly with FSC certification standards for its absence of acid, chlorine, and heavy metals. The editors of the book included curators and critics, the forewards were written by the sponsors of each initiative, and the book itself contained interviews by prominent individuals involved in the environmental and sustainable development worlds.

All works submitted were entered into the virtual gallery, EcoArt Database (“EAD”), our online archive that aims to document the contemporary green art movement and aspires to become the ‘go-to’ online reference in the contemporary art system.

EAD currently contains approximately 1,300 works by artists from around the world. Each work is presented with a caption and statement, a link to the website of the author, and tools for easy sharing on social networks. The artists featured in EAD continue their relationship with us and are selected to participate in specific projects and cultural events.

Past partnerships have included:

  • Ecomondo, the Mediterranean platform for sustainable growth;
  • The European Union Commission’s “Sustainable Energy Week” initiative, designed to spread best practices, inspire new ideas, and build alliances to help meet the EU’s energy and climate goals;
  • The Italian State Departments of Art and Culture, Economic Development, Education, and Sustainable Development;
  • The City of Rome; and
  • The Lazio Region of Italy.



EcoArt Project welcomes creative individuals worldwide to participate in an open interdisciplinary dialogue.

Curators and critics are invited to propose creative projects that engage artists working in all aspects of media in order to create a healthier relationship between natural and artificial worlds.

For the artists, EcoArt Project is a platform to showcase creativity in front of the right audience. This visibility generates significant opportunities to participate in exhibitions, publications, and catalogues, build meaningful relationships with collectors, and gain access to publicized competitions that offer prizes and recognition.



Communication and Green Marketing Businesses and institutions interact with EcoArt Project, creating new dynamic forms of communication between the art, corporate, and institutional worlds. EcoArt Project produces creative content that generates emotional impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility EcoArt Project offers the opportunity to show commitment to the sustainable development and defense of the environment. Investing in EcoArt Project means supporting culture, promoting the idea of progress, and demonstrating respect for the planet.



by Gianluca Marziani, curator of EcoArt Contest 2009
At last, a lucid, generational initiative that deals with the environment in a decisive manner, without being overtly obvious. Focusing on growing networking opportunities, Pino Fortunato created this project envisaging how to get to the root of the ethic facet of contemporary art. The subject is clear from the title, as are the contest themes. True dynamics and propulsive, professional qualities are guaranteed in this non-conventional project, thanks to the various partners, the communicative modalities and the well-organized approach.

Now, however, let's glance towards the ecological theme, well aware that this contest is the result of an arduous, time-consuming analysis of art as a complex system, inspired but often confused by how it is presented to the viewer. We do occasionally come across artwork that touches on environmental themes - visual journeys amidst deteriorating flora & fauna and creative adventures that catch our eye - but we feel that a new approach is needed in their moral judgement.

One must learn how to distinguish between artwork that merely skims over environmental themes and artwork that gives vitality to environmental themes, in an aesthetic and conceptual manner. EcoArt Contest seeks to push the boundaries of the watershed that determine this subtle difference, thereby focusing on heightening awareness and demonstrating healthy management of the formal structure.

We are interested in linguistic diversity, the healing of incoherences, beauty that goes beyond the traditional "beautiful", a strong impact, a thematic collapse, a dramatic dryness, a perceivable tension... We are interested in the quiet after the storm, reasonable sensibilities, blue in height as well as depth... We are interested in all art that shows a thematic affinity and an approach without formalities, thereby confirming that an atypical contest provides a rational platform towards reaching ongoing external resolutions.

Happy ecoviewing to all.