Inspiring awareness and international cross pollination. 

Interested in our residency program? Please choose your experience below! 

The purpose of EcoArt Project Residencies is to offer opportunities to be immersed in foreign surroundings, explore the environment, enact global people-to-people exchanges, and inspire visions of environmental protection and sustainable development. We will propel the production of your artwork or site-specific complex projects. Will engage the local community and the global media to showcase your exhibition, performance, talk, or impactful action, and all the above could end up in a documentary, that we would also support producing and promoting.

Our residency experiences are free for artists+designers winning one of our Competitions.


New York City, US


Venice, Italy 


Carrara, Italy 


Rome, Italy



Acerenza, Potenza, Italy





San Piero a Sieve, Florence, Italy




Havana, Cuba