A project by Haute Culture. Concept, Artistic Direction and Music by the Maestro Vito Terribile.

Sand Artist - Ilana Yahav.

Sculptures - Serge Uberti.

“When words leave off, music begins” - Heinrich Hein


Haute Culture Organization promotes interactions between the arts and creative people of different nationalities, for the spread of shared values and principles with an ethical and universal stature. Increasing awareness of sustainable development is the matrix of the collaboration with EcoArt Project.

The Sounds of Silence - Co-Existences is an artistic journey. Carried by a sailing boat, we will find an imaginary "emotional port” in each act. The elements of this trip are placed on each viewer's own individual path. In those places where the silence marks a unique and irreplaceable way of our being in the world, you hear the sound of the consciousness of the self: the threshold of every human being is brought to pass on its way to the search for truth and of their role to achieve universal harmony.

The co-existences are at the heart of this multidisciplinary project: co-existence of the human being with the universe, co-existence of every individual and every sphere of culture with the "feel" of the inner balance and processes most troubled, dictated by doubts and anxieties, moving to the inner value of their choices, their dreams, freedom, and love.

Silence, by definition, means "no sound", but the silence within our mind is obtainable only through specific meditation techniques. Normally, even if there is silence outside and not inside us, we use moments of silence outside to listen to that voice we know well and who always speaks to our "self". In this concert we will call it "the voice of the heart." In that instant we perceive our nature, our purest feelings, sounds. More precisely, "The Sounds of Silence". These sounds take us, in the most inspired way, to the reflection of a fundamental part of our existence: the co-balances of the basic elements with which we relate to our genesis from our "transition" to other dimensions.

The musical project of Vito Terribile has roots deeply sunken in a classical education which has created the foundation, allowing for a full and conscious openness to more complex scenarios and a variety of musical experimentation. Active in this field for more than thirty years, Terribile has explored all forms of harmonics, focusing his distinctive style scenarios within which stretches the meaning of his life and his artistic vocation. His musical works are linked by a common thread, the evocation of size and visual scenarios that will seize sensitive fragments in the latitudes of the beyond, within which every soul should arise in the construction of the self.

The project The Sounds of Silence - Co-Existences, an interdisciplinary experience sees the collaboration between the composer Vito Terribile and two extraordinary artists: Israeli sand artist Ilana Yahav and the French artist Serge Uberti. Yahav is known on the international scene for her art that visually reconstructs the ideal stages of 'musical process’ during the execution of the orchestra. The intangibility of the markings on the sand admirably gives the exact scale imperceptible to the thoughts and feelings, in order to guide the viewer on a journey through images of high poetic quality. Uberti offers the scenic setting of the concert, his sculptures shaped through the imprimatur of poor materials, embellished with a very refined technique. 

The Sounds of Silence - Co-Existences, was first organized in Rome (Italy) for the Night of Museums 2013 at Piazza del Campidoglio - City Hall, sponsored by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the City of Rome. The show collected the applause of thousands of the evening’s guests who took turns between the four sets of the concert.

The show was repeated for the World Environment Day 2013 in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The event was opened by the Italian Minister for the Environment, with endorsements by the Embassy of Israel, Region of Lazio, City of Rome and with support by Cofely Italy - GDF Suez.

In May 2014, the event saw its third realization at Politeama Garibaldi theater in Palermo (Sicily-Italy), promoted by Fondazione Roma and in June 2014, a replica in the extraordinary setting of the Teatro Antico of Taormina, with a turn-out of more then two thousand people.